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Soft Rainbow Metal Dice Set

Soft Rainbow Metal Dice Set

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Time to make your rpg games a little more magical with this soft rainbow metal dice set! This whimsical set is perfect for any magical girl or pastel aesthetic lovers.

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★ Set includes a D20, D12, D10, Percentile, D8, D6, and D4
★ Stored inside a white velvet pouch
★ Total weight of the set is ~115g
★ Makes some real good clickity clacks

★ ★ Dimensions ★ ★ 

★ D4: 20x16mm
★ D6: 14x14mm
★ D8: 22x16mm
★ D10: 23x20mm
★ D10 (Percentile): 23x20mm
★ D12: 20x20mm
★ D20: 25x20mm

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