Hi, I'm Julie!

What is there to know about me? Well to be honest, I'm awful at talking about myself but let's give it a go!

I'm a Canadian Illustrator and Graphic Designer based out of Tiny, Ontario. I worked as an in house designer in the tech startup space but my heart yearned to be in more colourful and silly spaces.

I started Jushmu on the side, but after 4 years in tech I decided to listen to the path of unknown whimsy and take on Jushmu full time in 2020--3 weeks before all of the lockdowns began, but hey, I'm still here right?

As an artist struggling to manage myself with ADHD, a heap of anxiety, and a mountain of imposter syndrome, I figured that all I want to do in this world is make and share things that help other humans like me get through their days and momentarily forget all of the crazy bananas stuff going on around us. And if that vibes with you, then welcome to my world of everyday cute and silly things!

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